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Web Privacy Statement—Access Information

Types of Information Collected

  • Client information: the Internet domain and Internet address of the computer you are using.

  • Essential technical information: identification of the page or service you are requesting, ype of browser and operating system you are using; and the date and time of access.

  • Nonessential technical information: the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to our Web site, and the "cookie information" used to direct and tailor information based on your entry path to the site.

Access Information Uses

Client information is used to route the requested Web page to your computer for viewing. In theory, the requested Web page and the routing information could be discerned by other entities involved in transmitting the requested page to you. We do not control the privacy practices of those entities.

We may keep access information from our systems indefinitely after the Web page is transmitted, but we do not cross-reference it to the individuals who browse our Web site. On rare occasions, however, such as when a "hacker" attempts to breach computer security, logs of access information are retained and used to permit a security investigation. In such cases the logs may be further analyzed or forwarded together with any other relevant information in our possession to law enforcement agencies.

Access to personally identifiable information in public records at the University of Northern Iowa is controlled primarily by Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa. Under Chapter 22, records in our possession at the time of an Open Records Request might be subject to inspection by or disclosure to members of the public. As indicated above, access information may be retained after transmission of the requested Web page and might be available for inspection.

Essential and nonessential technical information lets us respond to your request in an appropriate format [or in a personalized manner] and helps us plan Web site improvements. To expedite this process, some official University of Northern Iowa Web sites use "cookies." Usually a cookie enables the university Web site to tailor what you see according to the way you entered the site (e.g., if you entered by pushing a button identifying yourself as a student, your subsequent views of information might be tailored for student audiences).

We also use non-identifying and aggregate information to better design our Web site. For example, we may determine that X number of individuals visited a certain area on our Web site, or that Y number of men and Z number of women filled out a particular registration form. But we do not regularly disclose information that could identify those specific individuals.


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