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2010-2012 Catalog Program Certificate
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Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate

For further information, contact the Department of Social Work, SAB 235, 273-6249.
Department Website:
2010-2012 Program Requirements
These requirements are for student who complete this certificate between Fall 2010 and Spring 2012.

The UNI Certificate program is designed to prepare Social Work majors for the field of substance abuse treatment.  Education and training received partially fulfills State certificate requirements.  To receive a UNI certificate, a student must complete the requirements for the Social Work major (including graduation with the B.A.) and the specific course work and field instruction experiences as indicated.

Required Hours
(SW 4171/SW 5171)
Addictions Treatment (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
Electives (9 Hours Required) Hours
Select three (3) of the following courses: 9
(PSYCH 3102/PSYCH 5102)
Drugs and Individual Behavior (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
(SW 4121/SW 5121)
Mental Deviance and Mental Health Institutions (Prerequisite(s): 980:001 or 980:060; junior standing.) 3
(SW 4142/SW 5142)
Working With Racial and Ethnic Minorities (Prerequisite(s): 450:041; junior standing.) 3
(SW 4143/SW 5143)
Stress and Stress Management in the Helping Professions (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
(SW 4175/SW 5175)
Child Welfare Policy and Practice (Prerequisite(s): 450:041; junior standing.) 3
Credit Summary
Total Hours For Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate 12
Advising Notes
Liberal Arts Core: 980:001 (SOC 1000) satisfies Category 5A; 980:060 (SOC 1060) or 450:041 (SW 1041) satisfies Category 5C.

Field Instruction: Students will spend a total of 440 hours in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. To secure a field placement site, you may need to travel out of town. Experience with individuals, families, and groups will be required.  This internship also fulfills the requirement of 450:184 (SW 3184) Field Instruction for the Social Work Major.

Please see Dr. Katherine van Wormer, Coordinator, Substance Abuse Certificate Program, for possible course substitutions. Dr. van Wormer can be reached in the Department of Social Work; 214 SSCl; 319/273-6249 (Dept.); 319/273-6379 (Office); or e-mail:
The University of Northern Iowa makes available, in addition to traditional programs, the opportunity for students to earn program certificates. Program certificates provide an alternative to programs leading to a degree, a major, or a minor; they certify that an individual has completed a program approved by the university. The interested student should consult the department listed or the Office of the Registrar, which serves as the centralized registry.

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