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2006-2008 Catalog Program Certificate
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Leadership Foundations Certificate

For further information, contact the Department of Leadership Studies, SEC 542, 273-6898.
Department Website:
2006-2008 Program Requirements
These requirements are for student who complete this certificate between Fall 2006 and Spring 2008.

The Certificate in Leadership Foundations is an interdisciplinary program that educates students about and for leadership in a democratic society. The certificate provides an overview of diverse leadership theories, concepts, and issues; and assessment of leadership styles and abilities. It is open to any student; prior experience in leadership activities in not required. A minor in leadership studies is also available and carries a leadership internship.nbsp Students interested in this certificate should contact the Director of Leadership Studies (273-6898) or the Registrars Office which serves as the centralized registry.

This worksheet is under review for approval by the department.

Required Hours
680:010 Leadership: Skills and Styles 3
680:110 Leadership: Concepts and Practice (Prerequisite(s): 680:010; junior standing.) 3
680:188 Seminar on Leadership Development: The Future (Prerequisite(s): 680:010; 680:110; junior standing or consent of instructor.) 1
Electives (6 Hours Required) Hours
Select any two (2) courses from the list below: 6
Diversity Hours
400:060 Psychology of Gender Differences (Prerequisite(s): 400:001.) 3
450:045 American Racial and Ethnic Minorities 3
48C:151 Intercultural Communication (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
48C:153 Gender Issues in Communication (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
680:130 Culture and Philosophy of African American Life 3
680:156 Topics in Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Studies (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
900:020 Women, Men, and Society 3
Ethics Hours
48C:128 Ethics in Communication (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
640:171 Religion and Ethics 3
650:142 Ethics (Prerequisite(s): one philosophy course and sophomore standing, or consent of instructor.) 3
650:172 Society, Politics, and the Person 3
650:173 Bio-Medical Ethics 3
650:174 Ethics in Business (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
650:175 Environmental Ethics (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
General Electives Hours
150:100 Legal and Social Environment of Business (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
150:153 Organizational Management (Prerequisite(s): 2.20 cumulative UNI GPA or higher, or the equivalent; junior standing.) 3
450:102 Conflict Resolution 3
48C:071 Public Speaking (Prerequisite(s): 48C:001.) 3
48C:121 Nonverbal Communication (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
48C:141 Listening (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 2
48C:144 Advanced Interpersonal Communication (Prerequisite(s): 48C:004; junior standing.) 3
48C:151 Intercultural Communication (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
48C:153 Gender Issues in Communication (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
48C:173 Business and Professional Oral Communication (Prerequisite(s): 48C:001; no credit toward major for 48C:173 if credit in 48C:139.) 3
620:104 Designing Proposals (Prerequisite(s): 150:080 or 620:077 and junior standing, or consent of instructor.) 3
680:130 Culture and Philosophy of African American Life 3
940:189 Readings in Political Science (Prerequisite(s): 12 hours in political science; junior standing; consent of department.) 1-3
941:156 Issues in Political Thought 3
942:150 Political Opinion and Voting Behavior 3
942:151 Modern Presidency (Prerequisite(s): 942:014.) 3
960:144 History of American Thought (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
960:150 Society and Culture in the United States (Prerequisite(s): junior standing.) 3
980:176 Social Change (Prerequisite(s): 980:001; junior standing.) 3
Credit Summary
Total Hours For Leadership Foundations Certificate 13
Advising Notes
Liberal Arts Core: 48C:001 will satisfy Category 1B; 980:001 will satisfy Category 5A; 400:001 or 942:014 satisfies Category 5B; 450:045 or 900:020 will satisfy Category 5C.
Graduation Requirements: Students who are pursuing the Certificate in Leadership Foundations must have an overall GPA in the leadership core courses, including the internship, of 2.50 or above with no lower than a C in any one course.
Admission Requirements: Admission requires a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or permission of Director.

Course Substitutions: A student may petition for a class not on this list to satisfy a requirement above.
The University of Northern Iowa makes available, in addition to traditional programs, the opportunity for students to earn program certificates. Program certificates provide an alternative to programs leading to a degree, a major, or a minor; they certify that an individual has completed a program approved by the university. The interested student should consult the department listed or the Office of the Registrar, which serves as the centralized registry.

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