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Instructions for Parents and Other Third Parties

Using a Third Party account is a responsibility. The information in the account belongs to the owner of the account (your student) and to the University of Northern Iowa. You have been trusted by the account owner as a delegate to access his or her information, including confidential information, and it is your responsibility to protect that information.

Before you can use a Third Party account, the account owner must set up your Third Party account and give you the account login and password. Once this has been done and you have your login information, follow these steps:

  • On the Parents page, click [Login to your Third Party Account] from the My Student's Personal Records channel. Enter your account login and password as given to you from your student, and click [Login].

  • After you are logged in, you will be returned to the Parents page. My Student's Personal Records will now display links to all personal reports to which your student has granted you access.

  • Be sure to log out when you are finished by clicking [Logout], located in the purple header bar at the top of the channel. Clear your cache to ensure the information you have viewed will not be easily accessed by others who use your computer.

Can't remember your login or password?
If you forget your Third Party login and/or password at any time, you will need to contact your student. Your student can tell you your login and may reset a forgotten password. If you have any further questions about your Third Party account, please contact your student.

Important Note:
Passwords for all Third Party accounts will expire every October 15 and March 15 for security reasons. Account owners (students) are in charge of setting new passwords, and will receive reminders prior to the deadline. Additional information about Third Party accounts is available under the UNI Parent Portal FAQ.

You can find a link to the Parents page from the University of Northern Iowa home page at