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Advancement Reports (Restricted by user login and password.) Top  
Disbursement History
Other Income History

Annual Financial Report Top  
Annual Financial Report (PDF)
Supplement to the Annual Financial Report (PDF)

Data Definition Tables Top  
Country Codes (PDF)
Iowa County Codes (PDF)
Legacy Major Codes (Excel)
Legacy Major Codes (PDF)
State Codes (PDF)

College Codes
Colleges by State (PDF)
Search Colleges by Codes

High School Codes
High Schools by State (PDF)
Search High Schools

e-Business WebFOCUS Reports (Restricted by user login and password.) Top  
Financial (FIN) Reports

Budget Report
Deans and VP Summary Financial Status Report
Departmental Financial Status Report
Encumbrance Summary
Funds Available for Viewing
Personnel Expenditures Detail (rewritten in Discoverer 01-JAN-05)
Personnel Expenditures Summary (rewritten in Discoverer 01-JAN-05)
Statement of Account
Statement of Account Financial Summary
Summary Trial Balance
Transaction Detail

e-Business Discoverer Reports (Restricted by user responsibility and password.) Top  
Discoverer Financial (FIN) Reports
Budget Detail Report
Labor Distribution Report
Payroll Expense Report
Personnel Expenditures Report (Salary Savings)

Discoverer Human Resources (HR) Reports
Actual Hours Worked and Hourly Rate by Org
Employee Listing by HR Organization
Labor Distribution Report
Paid Time Off Summary Report Listing for Entire Organization
Student Assignment Approval Listing

Discoverer Back Office Reports

e-Business References (Look-ups) Top  
Accounts Available for Viewing
Chart of Accounts (PDF)
Employee Listing by Organization
Supervisor Listing of Employee's e-Business Responsibilities

Enrollment Reports (Restricted to on-campus access only.) Top  
Second Week/Third Week Enrollment Count by Semester
Final Enrollment Count by Semester

General Ledger (Legacy) Reports (Restricted by user login and password.) Top  
Legacy data for Fiscal Year 1997-98 (July 1997) through Fiscal Year 2000-01 (June 2001) is no longer available through these reports. If you need information from these reports, contact Financial Accounting and Reporting Services.
Statement of Account (Cash Basis)
Accounts Approved for Viewing (by Administrative Unit Number)
Account Report by Object Code

Inventory (Legacy) Reports (Restricted to on-campus access only.) Top  
(These reports were last updated 8/31/2001)
Fixed Asset Inventory by Account Number
Search by Building Code
Search by Description
Search by Description (Excel Output)
Search by Item Number
Search by Item Number (Excel Output)
Search by Manufacturer's Serial Number
Search by UNI Serial Number
Search by Voucher Number

Object Codes Top  
Balance Sheet Object Codes with Definitions (e-Business) (PDF)
Expense Object Codes with Definitions and Category Codes (e-Business) (DOC)
Revenue Object Codes with Definitions (e-Business) (PDF)

University Budget Reports (Restricted to on-campus access only.) Top  
Current fiscal year 2013-2014
University Budget Book

Fiscal year 2012-2013 and prior
(Note: FY 2002-2003 is not available)
University Budget Book 2012-2013      2011-2012      2010-2011      2009-2010      2008-2009      2007-2008      2006-2007      2005-2006
University Budget Summaries by Division                 2008-2009      2007-2008      2006-2007      2005-2006
University Budget Summaries by College/Unit                     2008-2009      2007-2008      2006-2007      2005-2006
University Budget (July 1) by Account Number
University Budget (July 1) by Division
Alphabetical Index by Department
Search by Employee Name

Student Tuition and Activity Fees (PDF)

Total University Budget Summary (PDF)

Voucher Register (Legacy) (Restricted to on-campus access only.) Top  
Search by Check Number
Search by Payee
Search by Purchase Order Number
Search by Voucher Number

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